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Electric Retractable Thrusters

> Electric Retractable Thrusters Range

Combining the cost effective simplicity of DC electrics with the high performance characteristics of retractable units, the electric retractable thruster range is ideally suited to modern sailing yachts and super fast motor yachts.

Retracting down to reach ideal immersion depth, all retractable units offer exceptional power efficiency. Furthermore, when retracted in the up position these units leave clean smooth hull lines thus not affecting the yacht’s performance.

Installed further forward (or aft) in the hull than is possible for tunnel thrusters, retractable thrusters offer a better turning moment on the yacht thus producing greater manoeuvrability.
Max power offers two different types of electric retractable thrusters:
The low profile Compact Retract available in both 12V and 24V  and the vertically retracting VIP 150 Electric, catering for yachts from 30’ to 60’.

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Retractable Thruster Range

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 Compact Retract

Cr 70 12V Cr 80 24V
Ref.: RTE085012* Ref.: RTE085024*
* Delivered with grey joystick and control system cable.
(Mounting base and other accessories to be ordered separately)

Designed to suit the latest generation of high performance yachts, the Compact Retract is fitted, as optional original equipment, to a wide range of new sailboats from 35’ to 50’ and is available in 12V (Compact Retract 70) and 24V (Compact Retract 80).

When closed this retractable thruster has no negative effect on the yacht’s performance, even in light winds where tunnel thrusters can greatly reduce sailing performance.

Manufactured using lightweight composites, the Compact Retract is the most silent unit available today and is easily fitted to most yachts with a master cabin up against the forward bulkhead.

Its low profile and simple installation make this cost effective unit by far the most popular retractable thruster unit on the market today.

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VIP 150 Electric Thrusters

VIP 150 12V VIP 150 24V
Ref.: VPC81012* Ref.: VPC81024*
* Delivered with black joystick and control system cable.
(Mounting base and other accessories to be ordered separately)


The largest electric thruster in the Max Power range, the VIP 150 electric is a vertically retracting DC thruster.

Available in two thrust ratings: 12V & 24V, the VIP 150 Electric is particularly well suited to boats from 45’ to 60’.

High performance & excellent reliability have made this unit an industry standard for nearly 10 years.

Recently upgraded the VIP 150 Electric offers a new control system and all the safety features common to Max Power bow and stern thrusters.


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